Elementary School

Parkside activities

Our students like to stay active. Here are just a few of the extracurricular activities we offer:

5th Grade Choir

Our fifth grade choir performs at various sporting and community events year round. Please contact our music teacher for more information.


Each year Parkside students have the opportunity to participate in the Marathon. Over the course of the year, the students run laps at recess. Those who meet the required number of laps run the final mile in the spring at the Middle School track. Family members are encouraged to attend and/or participate in the running of the final mile. Students receive a medal on their final lap. This encourages the students to reach a goal and to stay physically fit!

Student Council

Through the student council, students exercise leadership opportunities as they work with school staff and administration to identify possible ways of improving their school and helping the community at large. Each room elects a room representative in the fall to serve as a member of student council. Students in second through fifth grade elect fifth grade students to serve as student council officers.

Giving Opportunities

Community outreach is important to us here at Parkside. Please take the opportunity to learn ways you can contribute to our community.