Elementary School


At Parkside, we appreciate our involved parents and community members. We also enjoy keeping you updated on our latest events and happenings here on the News page. Check back as we will update this page when new events occur.


We will be having our classroom parties on Thursday, October 31. This should be a great time for our students. We would like to remind everyone to please leave any weapons that go along with costumes at home. We are excited to see all of our kiddos in their costumes!

The First Day of School

Parkside students arrived for the first day of school greeted by Northwest College athletes and members of the Fire Department, complete with a fire truck. Students then headed indoors for classes and an assembly. After a run through the Panther tunnel, they competed in field games outdoors. It was an exciting way to start the year.

Parkside students arrived Monday to be greeted by Northwest College athletes, members of the fire department, complete with a fire truck, and then headed indoors for classes and an assembly.